We offer a unique transformational spiritual development programs to enrich your individual evolution of consciousness. Central to our studies is the integration of spiritual traditions and practices from ancient wisdom to New Thought, to current modern day quantum physics. It is our goal to develop ground-breaking leaders who are committed first to their own spiritual transformation, then as leaders in their own communities, and ultimately as transformational leaders for the world.

We have posted suggested costs for our classes, but we have a policy that allows everyone—class size permitting—to attend classes, regardless of current ability to pay. We value your energy and joyfully accept the financial amount you are able to offer.

We invite you to explore our class offerings:

Eldering Group

Every Other Tuesday, 10am – 12pm
See Calendar for dates & location

A Unity group for seniors who want to explore retirement and aging issues.  Our generation is the first to experience a long life after stopping our  primary working years, so there is no roadmap for how to create this segment of our lives.  We are free to break new ground for making the most of our “golden years”. Please call Dick Wolgamott for more information: 458-292-4288.

Divine Healing Community Offering

2nd Wed, 7-8:30 and 4th Sunday, 12:30-2:00 at Unity Center

Unity healers will offer their services to the community for a night of healing. If you are a healer (energy healer, medium, channeler, psychic, angel card reader, intuitive masseuse, past-life regression facilitator, or hypnotherapist, etc.) and would like to share your gifts, please call Matthew Laughton 415-710-0259 to participate. There is no charge to the community to attend – you may considering giving a love offering.


Women’s Wisdom Walkers

Every Other Wednesday, beginning at 10:30am
See Calendar for dates & location

As part of Unitys Women of Wisdom group or WOWDeb Stevens has organized a series of easy, short (about an hour long) walks over the course of the summer happening every other Wednesday at 10:30AM. We will walk and talk and then either have a picnic lunch together or meet at a nearby restaurant.

Ukulele Sing-A-Long

May 26, 6:00-8:00 at Unity Center

Monthly gathering last Sunday of every month. All levels welcome to come play Ukulele or sing. Love offering. Attendees are invited to bring their own ukuleles and banjos to play, or simply attend and sing

Men’s Group

Every Other Thursday, beginning at 6:30pm
See Calendar for dates & location

Newly forming group. Gather to build trust and brotherhood while having fun and learning together. The initial meeting will be a time to decide the direction this group wants to go.

Saturday Night Bonfires & Native American Tales

Every Saturday Evening Throughout the Summer
See Calendar for dates & location

We’ll be sitting around a bonfire outdoors reading a different Native American tale each week and discussing the spiritual meaning of the story and how it applies to our own personal daily lives. Derek and Lisa Jacobson’s “Haven On Earth” 55075 Lazy River Drive, Sunriver, 541-241-4702.


Spiritual Uplift Ministry Group

New Thought organizations and spiritual communities are overdue for spiritually motivated social engagement. Now is the time. We see the world crying out for healing and, by failing to engage, to act, we fail to be true to our principles.

Through the SUM Program (Social Uplift Ministries), AGNT and other New Thought organizations are offering a way to engage from a place of spiritual principle. We are invited to engage because we see the possibilities of love, compassion, and wisdom in our world and we refuse to accept anything less. Acting on principles takes courage, the stuff of heroes. When actions are taken with spiritual principle, intelligence and integrity, conditions improve. (Developed by Association for Global New Thought)

We are called to be the compassionate voice in an often-contentious conversation. To hold the high watch within, while standing in support of ideals of peace and compassion in the streets or on the courthouse steps. We in New Thought have been in hiding too long. We possess knowledge of the principles of peace and wisdom, of manifesting the highest possibilities and healing the greatest pain. It is time for us to stand with others and bring this energy into the activities of our communities, our states, our nations and the world. Love Offering.

Module 2: Religious Diversity and Inclusion

Group Session 1: Wednesday, May 1, 7 pm

Group Session 2: Wednesday, May 15, 7 pm

Group Session 3: Wednesday, May 29, 7 pm


View our Calendar to see all of our scheduled offerings and events!