Our senior minister, Rev. Jane Hiatt will be on sabbatical for the summer. A talented team has put together a summer program that includes not only a variety of stimulating events and classes, but also features the talents of many of our very own community members. We encourage you to help keep our growing community vibrant through your support and participation.



Seeing and Embracing God – EVERYWHERE

with Rev. Robin Payne Ryan

God is easy to experience when looking at the beauty of nature or listening to a giggling baby. However, how easy is it for you to see and embrace God in ugly, painful or uncomfortable situations? We will explore together how to see through any filters you may have to KNOWING that God is in the center of all people and situations.

Rev. Robin Payne Ryan was ordained in 2002. She admits to not taking the easy route – with her “rebel spirit”, she questions the beliefs she was taught, living in the question (whether she wants to or not!) until her answers resonate from deep inside. And then she finds herself testing them again and again, often experiencing great discomfort while considering many possible perspectives, until her beliefs are seated deeply in her soul. Come listen to her wisdom, and welcome your own inner questions!



Wings, Wheels, and Wizards

with Meghann Harty

We are blessed to live in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Dropping off the grid and into the wild for just a few hours can feel like a spiritual retreat. Why do we experience such extraordinary bliss when in the natural world? What Truth do we hear more clearly out in the meadow? How can we embody more of that in our every day lives? Step into the world of energy, sacred relationship and magic as we discuss nature as our spiritual guide. Learn how to use the technology of nature – wings, medicine wizardry – to remember the “wholly” you!

Meghann Harty, founder of Unbridled Courage, is passionate about inspiring others to step off their path of expectations and onto their path of purpose! In partnership with her healing herd of horses, she facilitates transformative coaching experiences that are uniquely Guided by the Spirit of the Horse. Meghann blends her coaching skills acquired through SkyHorse International with the sacred medicine tools of the Delicate Lodge, to create distinctive opportunities for her clients to discover their inner calling and unbridled the courage to chase their dreams. Meghann is also devouring the Unity course content and exploring the path to ministry.



Beyond Empire Culture

with Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller

Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller has visited us before, sharing some of her community work and healing experience. This time she’s here to talk about her work as an anthropologist and futurist, helping us understand how we have, for a few thousand years, been part of a culture of empire-building based on materialism and greed, and are now starting to re-create a culture based on and encouraging our spiritual interconnectedness.

A New Thought minister with degrees in anthropology, environmental studies, cybernetics and the systems sciences, Ruth L Miller worked as a futurist, college professor, and consultant to businesses and governments before she realized that our problem is not what we don’t know, but our state of consciousness, and so entered the ministry. She has written numerous books on applied metaphysics and the history of New Thought, and is currently working on a series of books and articles exploring the nature of our culture and the possibility of a sustainable, harmonious culture for humanity in the future.



Nature, Mysticism, and Miracles

with Rev. Cylvia Hayes

Nearly all the great mystics over the ages have found inspiration and spiritual awakening through deep, direct connection with Nature. For so many of us getting out into Nature is how we most easily find comfort, still a troubled mind and reconnect with Self and Source. This is because, even though we may forget it at times, we ourselves are in fact, a part of, not apart from Nature.



Artist of Your Soul

with Rev. Sydney L. Steen

What does it mean to be an “instrument of the Divine?” Does it conjure up images of pious nuns, chanting monks, or the Dalai Lama? What if you conjured up images of yourself–as a parent? A child? A software designer? A waiter? An acupuncturist? Everything we do is an expression of what we call “the Divine.” But for most of us, we don’t routinely feel it in our guts, see it in our checkbooks, or believe it in our hearts. Our purpose here is to be exactly who and where we are right now. You are the way God shows up in form and substance. Together, let’s peel away any ideas or beliefs that have caused us to forget our Divine identities. And let’s have fun doing it!

Sydney is an ordained Religious Science and Interfaith Minister and is the Associate Minister at Unity of Portland as well as the Music Director. Sydney grew up in New Thought and her commitment to spirit and to cultivating the unfoldment of the Divine within ALL people is dynamic and passionate. She is a frequent inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and dedicated Spiritual Counselor.




with Donna Benjamin

“Improvisation As a Metaphor for A Spectacular Life!” How do we create an exciting and vibrant life when there are so many influences and energies potentially dragging us down? Improvisation and how it can apply to all aspects of our lives will be explored in this interactive and informative sharing. Be prepared to have fun, laugh out loud and come in touch with your inner muse.

Donna is a 1979 Syracuse University and 2002 Living Light Culinary Arts Institute graduate and studied music improvisation with David Darling and Music for People. She is a musician, singer-songwriter, poet, improvisational actress, intuitive reader and SoulCollage®️Facilitator. Donna loves to inspire others to come in touch with and expand their own innate creativity. Along with her sweetheart, Al Chase, she also applies her creativity to teaching Organic, Plant-based Cuisine. Compassion and intuition are the driving forces that keep her grounded and sharing her light and experience.



Hawaii – A Powerful Aura of LOVE!

with Kevin Kubota & Bill Keale

Hawaii has a uniquely powerful aura of Love, or Aloha. Kevin Kubota was born and raised there and over 20 years ago discovered an island connection here in Bend with Bill Keale, our local iconic Hawaiian singer and musician. Through Bill’s hauntingly beautiful song and stories, and Kevin’s humor and plethora of aloha shirts, the two will wrap you in island spirit and inspiration. You’ll leave loving like a Hawaiian!



Poetry of Impermanence and Joy

with Krayna Castelbaum

Krayna Castelbaum, a dedicated Poetry Instigator, honors her passion for heart-felt inquiry though poetry and other creative arts.She offers monthly Poetry Playshops, publishes Poem of the Month, and has been known to host many spirited community events for the last 15 years in Central Oregon and beyond. Krayna facilitates “uncommon conversations,” a process of exploration, inquiry and deep listening for couples and individuals. You can find Krayna in front of Bellatazza in Bend on most Wednesdays around 12:30pm, petting dogs and happily handing out poems to passersby.

“Poetry of Impermanence and Joy”
Harmonizing with the truth of impermanence opens a secret door to wholehearted joy. The realization that everything we behold changes and cannot last is not a dismal view, nor a denial of conventional reality. Rather, this understanding liberates to embrace “the whole catastrophe” with compassion and humor. Come experience poetry that takes this “floating world” into its arms with empathy, laughter and wonder.



Finding the Gratitude to Heal

with Tamera Schmidt

Gratitude is a practice of creating a state of emotional prosperity. It’s about focusing on the good things you have. In fact having gratitude is the primary wellspring of all religions and the hallmark of the mystic. But how do you develop gratitude or even recognize it in the face of devastation and tragedy?

During this talk we will learn: Gratitude, when it’s real, it can ground us, especially when we’re scared. It can hold us steady for the work to be done. Understand how Gratitude fosters resilience in the face of difficulty. Learn how to use Gratitude to heal.

Tamera Schmidt is an Ordained Minister, an intuitive medical healer and a master certified Neuro Coach with the International Coach Federation. As founder of Enlightened Coach LLC, she helps clients develop successful leadership programs for executives and managers focused on creating business value. By equipping managers with proven coaching methods, managers can create a great place to work, motivate employees to do their best and manage performance. She co-founded the non-profit OutSmart Brain Cancer September 2016 after the passing of her husband. Outsmart Brain Cancer’s Mission is to provide resources, support and compassion to families navigating brain cancer.



The Power of Intuition

with Anastacia Armstrong

Today the demands of everyday living distract us and we often lose our sense of direction in life. We become disconnected from the most important source of our fulfillment – the Higher Self or Soul. Creating time to connect deeply with our spiritual essence is crucial to creating transformation and attaining a life of meaning and purpose. This Sunday Anastacia will help you learn to understand the nature of the higher self, develop tools and techniques to overcome self-destructive patterns, access the power of love in order to neutralize and transcend the energy of fear and become a powerful creator of your life!

Anastacia Armstrong is a certified Energy Practitioner and Trainer of Conscious Transformation. She teaches throughout Central Oregon and serves on the Conscious Transformation Energy Practices Leadership Team, supporting and guiding others as they step into their own potential. With a focus in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors, Anastacia is a visionary, serving to inspire others to experience freedom, fulfillment and empowerment, to support the expansion of a loving, cooperative global community.



Spiritual Healing Through The Ages

with Rev. Jim Pasmore

From the Shamans of 50,000 years ago to the energy and Spiritual healers right here in our Unity Community, people have been calling forth healing for themselves and their fellow humans for generations. In this talk Jim will share some of the history, practice and application of various non-Western medicine healing modalities. Jim also has some personal healing experiences to share. “Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, body is the result. Heal the mind, heal the body!”

Rev. Jim Pasmore is a founding member of Unity Community of Central Oregon, a Prayer Chaplain and an ordained Minister of Light. He is the author of “Flash” based on his spiritual awakening after a near-death experience. Prior to his retirement last year as a business developer of scientific instrumentation, Jim traveled the world extensively visiting 63 different countries. Married to Joanne for 33 years, Jim is a proud father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. In addition to his love for exploration of Spirit within, which he began almost 40 years ago, he feeds his love of adventure with motorcycle trips and wilderness hikes.



WORK: A Four Letter Word????

with Dick Wolgamott

Work: A 4 Letter Word? The precise things you do are not as important as the attitude with which you do them. Do you see work as a terrible drudgery or a way to express your unique energies and make a contribution to humanity? We have the creative power to transform even mundane tasks. And if we do, then the universe will move us into bigger and brighter things.

Rev. Dick Wolgamott has a bachelor degree in engineering and a masters in theology. He has had careers as an engineer, Air Force pilot, clergyman, county administrator, and college instructor. He is a long time student of Biblical history, esoteric philosophy, and metaphysics. His emphasis is on expressing our Spiritual dimension in our everyday lives.