Our senior minister, Rev. Jane Hiatt will be on sabbatical for the summer. A talented team has put together a summer program that includes not only a variety of stimulating events and classes, but also features the talents of many of our very own community members. We encourage you to help keep our growing community vibrant through your support and participation.



Seeing and Embracing God – EVERYWHERE

with Rev. Robin Payne Ryan

God is easy to experience when looking at the beauty of nature or listening to a giggling baby. However, how easy is it for you to see and embrace God in ugly, painful or uncomfortable situations? We will explore together how to see through any filters you may have to KNOWING that God is in the center of all people and situations.

Rev. Robin Payne Ryan was ordained in 2002. She admits to not taking the easy route – with her “rebel spirit”, she questions the beliefs she was taught, living in the question (whether she wants to or not!) until her answers resonate from deep inside. And then she finds herself testing them again and again, often experiencing great discomfort while considering many possible perspectives, until her beliefs are seated deeply in her soul. Come listen to her wisdom, and welcome your own inner questions!


Wings, Wheels, and Wizards

with Meghann Harty

We are blessed to live in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Dropping off the grid and into the wild for just a few hours can feel like a spiritual retreat. Why do we experience such extraordinary bliss when in the natural world? What Truth do we hear more clearly out in the meadow? How can we embody more of that in our every day lives? Step into the world of energy, sacred relationship and magic as we discuss nature as our spiritual guide. Learn how to use the technology of nature – wings, medicine wizardry – to remember the “wholly” you!

Meghann Harty, founder of Unbridled Courage, is passionate about inspiring others to step off their path of expectations and onto their path of purpose! In partnership with her healing herd of horses, she facilitates transformative coaching experiences that are uniquely Guided by the Spirit of the Horse. Meghann blends her coaching skills acquired through SkyHorse International with the sacred medicine tools of the Delicate Lodge, to create distinctive opportunities for her clients to discover their inner calling and unbridled the courage to chase their dreams. Meghann is also devouring the Unity course content and exploring the path to ministry.