Our Thoughts Are Prayers


Prayer is your unique way of connecting with your Higher Self, Spirit, God. When you pray from the absolute belief that what you pray is so, then that prayer will manifest in your life.

God is omnipresence – everywhere present all the time. We cannot make the Divine any more or less present in our lives through prayer, yet we can become more conscious of that constant presence. When we become more conscious of the presence of God, we experience the unconditional love in our lives everywhere.

“Seek and you will find, ask and it will be revealed” revealed through you as an expression of God, not to you from a being outside of you. Spirit want us to have wisdom and we need do nothing to strengthen Spirit’s desire. Ours is to seek contact with the wisdom residing deep within our own soul.

Explore various prayers by clicking on the player to the right.  We also have a prayer claim form below.


Affirmative Prayer

Unity practices affirmative prayer, which is based on simple but empowering spiritual Truths, which focus on our oneness with God and the understanding that God’s will for us is always good. With faith and gratitude we affirm that our needs are met, our prayers are answered and, by the power of the Christ Light within, we are Divinely blessed.


Support & Prayer

Members of our Prayer Council, ready to pray with you at anytime.

If you are facing a challenge, Unity stands ready to support you with prayer. Prayer is available in the following ways:

• Before and after Sunday services, we are present and available to pray with you upon request.

• Call the office at 541-388-1569 and leave a message that a Prayer Councilors call to pray with you.

• Fill out a Prayer Claim Form if you would like to be the Prayer Council’s monthly prayer list.

• Call Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry, is available 24/7 at 1-800-NOW PRAY.

• Download uPray, the free mobile pray app from Silent Unity.

Click Here for more information on Silent Unity.  Someone is always praying there, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you want prayer support, whatever your request may be, they are there to pray with you. All requests are enfolded in continuous prayer for 30 days, held in strictest confidentiality, and treated with reverence and respect.


Prayer at This Community

Our Community is founded on the following beliefs:
• We behold the good and sacred in all.
• We affirm the Presence of Spirit in all situations.
• We acknowledge that all are worthy of love, peace and prosperity.
• We will pray with anyone who asks for prayer.

All of our Prayer Councilors here at Unity Community of Central Oregon are trained in the Silent Unity prayer method and are honored to pray with anyone who asks.  Our Leaders have Prayer Partners and we offer this to all who attend our community.  We give time for prayer and to fill out prayer claims at our Sunday Celebration Services.  We follow up after the service with those indicating they want a response and we pray with them. We send all the prayer claims on to Silent Unity where they are prayed with for 30 days.  We pray and meditate in classes, meetings and on Sunday.  In conflict situations, our leaders make decisions through prayerful discernment.  We provide prayer and meditation classes.

Our Children lead us in the Prayer of Protection at the end of every Sunday Celebration Service.

The Light of God surrounds me. I am the Light of God.

The Love of God enfolds me. I am the Love of God.

The Power of God protects me. I am the Power of God.

The Presence of God watches over me. I am the Power of God.

Wherever I am, God is, because I am!

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