We’re so Glad You’ve Found Us!

You will be warmly greeted with smiling faces and a vibrant congregation of like minded Spirits! Welcome to our inclusive Spiritual Community!

Thanks for visiting Unity Community of Central Oregon. Our center is a dynamic, visionary New Thought based ministry which exists to transform consciousness to the presence of Spirit in you and all people. Our transformative messages are designed to help you apply practical spirituality in your life and to share joyfully in the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. Our goal is to create a feeling of family while seeing you as wholly independent and perfect just as you are. This is a sacred place where we are focused on embodying love and awakening spiritual consciousness.

We offer Sunday Celebration Services, classes, workshops, and many group opportunities to join with others of like-mind along your spiritual journey.

We want to invite you to come play and grow with us and with our entire spirit-led family of caring and sharing individuals. Our ministry invites and accepts all people of all faiths while sharing timeless wisdom from ancient traditions and contemporary sources. Parents, bring your kids to experience the fun programs and loving teachings of our youth program. Come exactly as you are and see how easy it will be to relax into letting go of fear-based teachings, while allowing yourself to be bathed in the flow of unconditional love and well being.


Unity Community of Central Oregon

We gather as a community to understand and acknowledge, in an open-hearted way, the nameless light and the power that animates everything. A foundational belief in Oneness means people here strive to live the Golden Rule, every day of the week. Blame has no place, for everything we see is a reflection of thoughts held in our minds. We are a vibrant, welcoming, multi-generational, prosperous community. We enjoy getting to know each other over our weekly potlucks after the Sunday service, in Spirit Groups, in outdoor activities and so much more!

Our minister, Rev. Jane  Hiatt is an ordained Unity minister. Our associate minister, Rev. Jim Pasmore is a Minister of Light and Rev. Robin Payne Ryan is an ordained Religious Science Minister.

Our Community is dedicated to leadership by Spirit first. We are a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Commitments of Our Community

We behold the good and sacred in all.

We affirm the presence of Spirit in all situations.

We acknowledge that all are worthy of love, peace, and prosperity.

We will pray with anyone who asks for prayer.

Some areas of this community’s culture that may not be obvious to you

We are dedicated to replacing ‘duty’ with passion and joy.  Passion and Joy are inevitable when Spirit is guiding us and results in a light hearted energy rather than a heavy sense of burden

If you have something you would like to see at our Unity, you are empowered to make it happen as long as it is in alignment with our vision. Just talk to our minister or any one of our leaders.

We have been dedicated to youth since the first service we offered.

We give 10% of all money that is given to our Community to where we are spiritually inspired.

We commit to practice love in all our relationships so when concerns and conflicts arise in community, we address those concerns directly and lovingly.

We are focused on world healing and offer resources to congregations and individuals outside of our immediate community.  For example, we offer our weekly talks online.