Our EarthCare Certification

Unity Community of Central Oregon is one of approximately 50 congregations that have achieved EarthCare certification. EarthCare is the Unity Worldwide EarthCare is the Unity Worldwide program that helps congregations become more earth friendly by implementing sustainability measures at their congregations.

When Unity CO kicked off our EarthCare journey with the following covenant:

      • We believe that creation is an interconnected web of life with diverse forms. As conscious elements of this web, we affirm the importance of caring for the earth as an extension of ourselves.
      • Today we make an EarthCare covenant—a sacred trust between Unity Community of Central Oregon and the Spirit that expresses as all life.
      • We commit to a renewed reverence for life. We promise to care, support and defend the balance between our individual needs and those of nature.
      • We envision a world where everything’s intrinsic value is recognized and where all beings are assured a secure and meaningful life that is ecologically responsible and sustainable.
      • We agree to transform our individual and communal lives so that we stand as a moral witness, discarding harmful habits for new behaviors that demonstrate our respect for the harmony and interconnectedness among all of us and with our earth.
      • We declare our covenant with Spirit to walk upon the Earth for the greatest good
        of all creation.

Next we started taking action including implementing a recycling program and energy and water efficiency measures. When we moved into our new building we installed doubled glazed insulated windows, replaced disposable dishes with durable reusable alternative and switched to non-toxic janitorial products. We’ve also been installing native, low-water requirement landscaping.

There’s much more to come like an on-site garden, solar powered water feature, food waste composting and community events.

Our EarthCare team is an all volunteer group of folks who love the Earth. If you’d like to be part of this team contact Derek Jacobson ([email protected]) or Cylvia Hayes ([email protected]).