Music at Unity Community of Central Oregon

Music is the melody of our souls. It lures us out of our intellects and infiltrates our bodies and hearts. When we sing, our hearts come flowing out our throats and we often find ourselves in tears because the emotion is so strong. Musical prayers are powerful because they engage our whole selves. One of the secrets of claiming the reality we want is to add emotional juice to the vision we are holding. Music ensures the juice is present!
At our community, music is integral to our service and it takes two forms. We use chants that have a few simple heartfelt lines that everyone can learn readily. Reading lyrics keeps people tethered to the intellect. Simple lyrics allow us to disappear into the soul of the song and be the prayer. When we sing together, we amplify this experience with the energy of community.

We also choose a couple of songs each week from the menu of popular music.

These selections enrich the Sunday message, which flows from the introductory song and into the closing song. We choose popular music because it reinforces that the positive messages of transformation we are sharing can be found everywhere in daily life. And, besides, this music is fun! On a given Sunday you might hear classics like Stand By Me or a Bob Marley tune, a song from a musical like Les Mis or Frozen, a country tune like The River or Jesus Take the Wheel, or some of the latest tunes by groups like Snow Patrol or Counting Crows or whoever has captured our imagination!

You can listen to the message online but there’s no substitution for coming on a Sunday and immersing yourself in the musical experience!

“Music in a spiritual place, as a spiritual instrument, is a gift for myself and the musicians presenting. The music team and I have a goal each week: to touch the soul, heart and mind of the listeners and connect them to the message.  Sometimes music might tap into the light of all of us, and that moment when we are making music and we can feel / see the connection is one of those moments that stir the soul, awaken spirit and can move mountains! Blessings to all those who help,  perform and those who support our musical outpouring.” -Dave Finch, Director of Music Ministry

“I love Sunday mornings! When I join in singing the chants with others my heart opens to the Spirit of devotion and I feel synced with all of our beautiful community!” -Melissa A.

“Unity Community has the spirit of God within us.  I feel invigorated and joyful as the music touches my Spirit.  It brings out the child in me, making me want to dance and clap for joy. I hope more will join us for this wonderful experience!” -Jean A


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