New to Unity?

You feel the warm welcome. But maybe you’re not sure what we’re all about. So just for you, we are offering two get-to-know-you opportunities.

Newcomer Dinners
Rev. Jane and her husband, Jeff Hiatt host these dinners monthly, offering an opportunity to enjoy a homemade meal and the company of others who are new to Unity. You are invited to enjoy this social gathering, the warmth of good food, and connection. The next dates are Wednesday, March 27; Thursday, April 11; and Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30 pm. 8 guests per evening make RSVPs a necessity!
Member Orientation
Explore what it means to be a member of Unity Community. Learn more about the global organization and practical details like how to access the database of members and calendar of events. This class is a pre-requisite for membership but does not constitute a commitment. You decide when and if you are ready to make that choice. Choose one: March 4, 9:30; March 12, 6:30; May 7, 6:30; May 17, 9:30 am

Upcoming Special Events

Join us for these special upcoming events.

Karl Anthony Concert

Karl returns to our community with his wonderful music on Sunday morning, followed by a concert on Sunday afternoon. Highly kid friendly! Love Offering Suggested.

Sunday, May 12, 6:30pm


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