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We’re starting our next round of Spirit Groups! These groups, based on video curriculums, have provided a rich source of connection and sense of belonging to a vibrant welcoming community for those who have participated as well as a means of expressing our mission to embody love and awaken spiritual consciousness.

You will be able to choose between multiple options, times and locations. Autumn 2018 we are offering the following groups.

Unity Community Spirit Groups overview from Kevin Kubota on Vimeo.

New Spirit Groups that you can join!

A Course in Miracles An introduction to the Course in Miracles. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. This is how A Course in Miracles begins. It makes a fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal; between knowledge and perception. Knowledge is truth, under one law, the law of love or God. Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is. Starts October 10th.

Discover the Power Within 
Explore the classic work by Eric Butterworth, “Discover the Power within You,” which lays the foundation for the science and structure of New Thought traditions. Enjoy the wisdom, piano music and songs by Houston Unity Minister, Rev. Michael Gott, as deepen your experience of the power within you. Expand your understanding of New Thought teachings with your Spirit Group as you will delve into 7 themes. Starts October 17th.

I of the Storm 
Embracing conflict, creating peace. Based on the book by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, who is a renowned peacemaker and spiritual leader whose teachings and ground-breaking integral model of MInistry are transforming church organizations and helping leaders to more fully express their Divine calling. Starts October 8th.

Love & Power from the Inside Out This video series is based on the first four chapters of Rev. Jane’s book, Magic Child. You will explore your idea of God, self-love, intuition, and the dance between responsibility and surrender. Starts October 8th.

The Five Principles  
This guide to practical spirituality provides tools for daily living and suggests answers to the great questions of existence that humans have been asking since the dawn of conscious awareness. Based on the book by the same name by Rev. Ellen Debpenport, this series poses questions such as: What is this greater Presence that we sense around us? Who and what are we? Why do things happen in our lives the way they do? How can we communicate with this Presence? and What are we here to do? Starts October 2nd, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

The Soul of Money (for Couples) 
Money is one of the biggest sources of challenge in relationships, but we can change that! Based on the incredible book by Lynne Twist, we’ll gather as couples to discuss some of our most challenging issues around money, and its power over lives and relationships. Our Spirituality has a direct effect on our abundance and prosperity — and the good news is, we’re in control and can master our relationship with money, AND each other! Starts October 10th.

The Tao Te Ching 
We’ll explore the book, “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who expands on each of the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching. We will discuss the wisdom and practical application of this 2,500 year old Chinese text, by Lao Tsu, as brought into a 21st century understanding by Dr. Dyer. This ancient text is easy to follow and practical to apply in everyday life. This group is currently full. Request to join to be added to the wait list.

What if it All Goes Right 
Based on the book by Mendhi Audlin. Master your mindset by using your imagination to direct your thoughts and feeling in positive ways. Create a life you love by aligning what you think and feel with inspired action! Starts October 25th

The Wisdom of the Shamans 
Based on the powerful book by Don José Ruiz. For generation after generation, Toltec shamans have passed down their wisdom through teaching stories. The purpose of these stories is to implant a seed of knowledge in the mind of the listener, where it can ultimately sprout and blossom into a new and better way of life. This group is currently full. Request to join to be added to the wait list.

Women in Spiritual Relationships
A group for women who are in Spiritual Relationships .


spirit-groups-sliderIt’s easy for you join a Spirit Group!  You can register through Simple Church if you have an account, or you can reach out to Kevin Kubota, our Spirit Group Leader: [email protected]  You can also talk to Kevin about hosting a Spirit Group!


We have groups meeting across Central Oregon! Our goal is to have enough groups so that everyone can participate. We urge you to make time for this in your schedule. This is how we deliver our mission to embody love and awaken spiritual consciousness. It is so much more effective in a small group.