The Season of Renewal Begins April 2019

As we move into spring, the days grow longer, the sun coaxes new life from Mother Earth, and the sense of possibility expands. The birds sing songs of life and opportunity. We feel the energy of renewal at work. In harmony with this energy, we will be examining old stories that have been buried under the crusty snows of time, memory and cultural misunderstanding to find the life and guidance that they hold for us. For the next two months, we will be focusing on renewal during our Sunday services.

Clear the Way

with Karl Anthony

The Hindu God Ganesh is best known as the remover of obstacles. If that is so, who is the God of obstacles? And how do we have a serious talk with this mischievous deity? Clearing the path with our intention is the power of freeing the space from the obstacles in the first place.


Kingdom of Heaven

with Rev. Jane Hiatt

This Sunday, Rev. Jane speaks about the kingdom of heaven–not a destination resort but a state of consciousness. What gets us there and what takes us out?


Resurrection as a Process

Easter Sunday with Rev. Jane Hiatt

On Easter Sunday, Rev. Jane focused on resurrection as a process going on with us now, and at all times, of breaking through the tomb of human limitation into the dawn of eternal expansion, rising from the ashes of human hopes and pointing the way to a greater realization of life. The service ended with a Flower Renewal Ceremony.



Feast of Liberation

Rev. Jane spoke about the metaphysics of the story of Moses and the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.