Remembrance Service

Thursday, Dec 7 6:30-7:30pm

While we’ve all suffered loss in our lives, some of us find the holidays particularly difficult due to losing a family member or friend, a beloved pet, loss of a home or job, etc.  Everyone is invited to join us for this beautiful healing service, rich with music, poetry and ritual… a way to voice and honor our grief so that we all may go into the holiday season (and beyond) with a lighter and more joyful heart.

Put a personal face on the Remembrance Service. Please bring along a small (wallet sized-ish) picture of your loved one to place on our Christmas tree.. Invite your friends who have lost someone this year to join us and be sure to tell them about bringing a photo!


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Sunday, Dec 24 6-8pm

This year Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, so we are offering a Sunday Eve Candlelighting Service rather than our regular Sunday morning Service. Please join us on Christmas Eve at 6pm. Our uplifting celebration will include a candle-lighting ceremony, caroling, beautiful music, and readers theater on the metaphysics of the nativity story. Please invite your family and your spiritually open friends and join us for this beautiful evening.


Burning Bowl Ceremony

Sunday, Dec 31 10am-noon

This is a chance to reflect on the year behind us, ritually release through burning all that we need to let go of, and open our hearts and minds to the good that we are ready for in the New Year. We will have this ritual within our regular Sunday morning service.