Release the Shadows.
Embrace the Light. 


Unity Community of Central Oregon is bringing the Shadows2Light Catalyst Training Program to the greater Bend Community.

Join us in being a game changer!

Help create a worldwide shift from fear and polarization to connectedness and peace.


You can learn more at one of our two orientations: 

 Tuesday, Sept. 5th
from 7-9pm at

at the Rosie Bareis Community Center
1010 NW 14th St. in Bend, OR


Registration is NOW OPEN for the full 12-week Program 




This is a Program for Deep Healing, Transformation & Peace.  

“You cannot fight a Shadow; you can, however, turn on the light.” Shariff Abdullah

Are you ready to answer the call to inclusive social activism?

Running for 12 consecutive weeks, this program combines Learning, Meditation and Action to create lasting personal change and a world-wide shift from fear into inclusivity. 

Unity Community of Central Oregon is offering this training because we believe that even amidst these troubling and divisive times, we can find a higher vibrational Truth for we are never without the Light.  S2L is a training that focuses on the potential to “breakthrough” rather than “breakdown”.  In the Autumn of 2017, many Unity Spiritual Centers, across the nation, will be collectively participating in this energetic metamorphosis. Together, we will transform fear and separation and embrace the Light of Deep Community.  There will be Energy Transformation Sessions and modules to practice releasing the grip of lack, violence, and despair, so that we may all bask in the Light of abundance, peace, and healing contentment.

About S2L:

S2L envisions a nation and world able to reach their highest potentials, because they have been freed from the collective Shadows of centuries.  Our goal is to coordinate our collective Will, to dispel the Shadows and embrace the Light.  To launch a program that becomes a movement.  To utilize our collective spiritual energy to address societal challenges.



About Unity:

Located in Central Oregon, Unity Community is a growing spiritual community of like-minded and unique individuals that come together in love, joy and spiritual growth. Unity is a spiritual home that welcomes those from all religious backgrounds seeking a non-dogmatic approach to spirituality and focuses on personal growth and connection among its members. Unity meets every Sunday at 10 am for services at the High Desert Community Grange, 62855 Powell Butte Highway, Bend, OR. Nursery and youth classes are provided. We also meet on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm at Deschutes Children’s Foundation, 2155 NE Daggett Lane in Bend. For more information, visit or call 541-390-8244.

Watch Rev. Jane’s Talk on Shadows to Light, A Revolution for Our Times:

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