Welcome to Unity Community of Central Oregon.

We are a vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, multi-generational community, embodying love and awakening spiritual consciousness.


We welcome you to join us at our Holiday Services!

Winter Solstice Ceremony, December 21, from 6:30-8pm
Bathe in the vibration of Tibetan Bowls and Gong. Sing. Pray. Honor this sacred night that marks the return of the light.  Cam and Tree Stoddart will also be offering the opportunity for those who wish to experience using the bowls themselves and feeling their vibration directly on your body.  $10 for the evening.
Christmas Eve Family Service, December 24, from 5-6pm
Is Santa Real? This evening will include music, storytelling, and a play starring 6 kids, aged 5-14. Playing around with a question children often wrestle with, the focus is on the Santa powers of love and giving. If you want a spiritual experience of Christmas Eve for your children without the traditional storyline, this is for you & your family.
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, December 24, from 6:30-7:30pm
On this evening of light, we celebrate the light we are in the world, explore the correlation between the traditional nativity story and the seven chakras.  We’ll balance our chakras with the music of the lyre.  We will sing traditional Christmas carols, listen to inspiring music and ritually light our lights.
Burning Bowl Ceremony, December 31, from 6:30-8pm
We release 2018 with all its challenges and shortcomings and regrets, committing what is now past to the fire. We open our hearts and minds to the new year, filled with opportunity, using crystal bowls and guided visualization to find a guiding animal spirit and a word of power for the year. We set out intentions and move forward with love and bravery, curiosity and enthusiasm into 2019.

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The Season of Fullness!

Unity begins our first season at our new home with the Season of Fullness. What does it mean to live fully in this world? It means living from our Higher Selves. It involves radiating the energies of love and abundance, creative play and joy, deep wisdom, and peace. We experience a sense of fullness because we are being who we already are rather than coming from the ego experience of not being, doing or having enough. As we experience our spiritual lives embedded in humanity, we so easily forget who we are. This is our season to heal our bodies and our minds, to remember collectively who we really are, to step into our purpose to awaken our spiritual consciousness. As we do this, it becomes contagious. Let’s wake up our world! Let’s claim the fullness of our Highest Selves!

Our vision for Unity is a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.

“What do I say about a place that has truly lifted my soul? It’s a feeling! I knew from my first visit, this is where I wanted to be. My search was over. Uplifting, honest, welcoming and truly amazing.”   -Patrice Rose Domingo

“Walking into Unity I felt instant kinship and connection to other open hearts, open minds and open arms. The messages shared in word and song lifted my spirits and my awareness. I was reminded of the divine in us all. Being there [Sunday] brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.”   -Kate Andrews

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Our Spiritual Community


Located in Central Oregon, we are a growing spiritual community of like-minded yet eclectic and unique individuals that come together in love, joy and spiritual growth. If you are looking for a spiritual home that leaves out the dogma and judgement of childhood religion and instead focuses on personal growth and connection to others, this may be what you’ve been yearning for.


63645 Scenic Drive in Bend, OR 97701

We invite you to come play and grow with us and with our entire spirit-led family of caring and sharing individuals. Our ministry invites and accepts all people of all faiths and all creeds while sharing the wisdom and love from the highest and best teachings of Christianity and many other faiths.

Parents bring your children and youth to experience the fun programs and loving teachings of our Spiritual Education program. Come exactly as you are and see how easy it will be to relax into letting go of fear-based teachings, while allowing yourself to be bathed in the flow of unconditional love and well being. Learn more about us.