Welcome to Unity Community of Central Oregon.

We are a vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, multi-generational community, embodying love and awakening spiritual consciousness.

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Spiritual Liberation!

Does that sound like something you aspire to? As we kick off 2018, we’ll be focusing on exactly that and how it helps us fulfill our soul’s potential. The book of the same title by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, will form the basis for the Sunday talks and we’ll have many opportunities to practice spiritual liberation through workshops, classes and Spirit Groups.

Michael Beckwith says, “We live in a universe where nothing remains static. All that exists has an observable impulsion to become more fully itself. An acorn seed, when planted in good soil and provided the proper nutrients, ultimately evolves into its fullest potential as an oak tree. Likewise, in order to fully evolve, the Spirit-seed at the core of our being must be cultivated. We must till the soil of our consciousness with spiritual tools and inner nutrients that enable us to fully deliver our gifts, talents, and skills. Through this inner work, our consciousness becomes a fertile condition for our conscious participation in our evolution, rather than a natural selection process driven by external conditions.

Our vision for Unity is a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.

“What do I say about a place that has truly lifted my soul? It’s a feeling! I knew from my first visit, this is where I wanted to be. My search was over. Uplifting, honest, welcoming and truly amazing.”   -Patrice Rose Domingo

“Walking into Unity I felt instant kinship and connection to other open hearts, open minds and open arms. The messages shared in word and song lifted my spirits and my awareness. I was reminded of the divine in us all. Being there [Sunday] brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.”   -Kate Andrews

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Our Spiritual Community


Located in Central Oregon, we are a growing spiritual community of like-minded yet eclectic and unique individuals that come together in love, joy and spiritual growth. If you are looking for a spiritual home that leaves out the dogma and judgement of childhood religion and instead focuses on personal growth and connection to others, this may be what you’ve been yearning for.


62855 Powell Butte Hwy in Bend, OR 97701

We invite you to come play and grow with us and with our entire spirit-led family of caring and sharing individuals. Our ministry invites and accepts all people of all faiths and all creeds while sharing the wisdom and love from the highest and best teachings of Christianity and many other faiths.

Parents bring your youth to experience the fun programs and loving teachings of our youth program. Come exactly as you are and see how easy it will be to relax into letting go of fear-based teachings, while allowing yourself to be bathed in the flow of unconditional love and well being. Learn more about us.